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      On factory development needs,recruiting for the following talents   
      Art Designing   two member

     1.Requirements: Industrial design or art majors graduated,  have the experience of appearance, packaging, color pages, advertising design of the product , deeper shape  of aesthetic and insight;
    2. Good at industrial design software: Rhino/PRO-E/3D the MAX / Illustrator / Coreldraw / Photoshop and other. And apply the software to modeling , rendering product effect diagram;

      3. according to the new project requirement to make design, extensive experience in product color match;

      4. computer peripheral design experience is preferred, please take the FG design case when interview;


      5. positive, initiative, good communication skills, teamwork spirit;


      6.outstanding college graduates can be considered;


       Electronics Engineers    1  member



      1.electronic, microelectronics and other related professionals, secondary / high school or above;


      2.With work experience of electronic welding, commissioning, assembly; clearly understanding the knowledge of circuit;
 and good communication and coordination skills.


      4. Familiar with office software and related electronic circuit design software the Portal \ the PowerPCB etc, 


     5.Related work experience of digital electronics, sound design-.


     Business   Assistant

      Requirements: 1 member,

      1.Female ,18-28 years old, secondary or college degree or above;

      2. More than two years work experience in electronic toys factory, the speaker factory, etc;

      3. good communication skills, coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility;

      4. excellent image.


      Welcome to the community to join us! A better future! Resume Delivery Address: or in Zhuobo Recruitment Network search: Festival of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City, to send your resume.